National Promotional Institution: CDP Hosts Institutions from Throughout Europe

National Promotional Institution: CDP Hosts Institutions from Throughout Europe

Italy is the protagonist of the 2017 edition of Induction Programme, a project of experience sharing among National Promotional Institutions

Rome, 28 April 2017

CDP is hosting “Induction Programme,” an initiative born in the context of cooperation between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and National Promotional Institutions. It had its debut in April 2016 in Luxembourg at the EIB headquarters, and will be hosted every year by a different member of the European Union. For 2017, Italy was chosen to be the first EU host.

An "Induction Programme" principle objective is to present the diverse National Promotional Institutions, their diverse models, and their particulars to Member States that are building, or are about to institute their Institutions. Another top aim is to exchange best practices of common themes.

In addition, the event is part of the Juncker Plan's communication activities as specified by the European Commission and recently voiced by Vice-President Jyrki Katainen directly to CDP’s CEO at the signing of the Risk Sharing Platform for SMEs.

CDP Chief Executive Officer Fabio Gallia will introduce the Programme, followed by an overview of CDP’s model and activities, and a focus on investment platforms under the Juncker Plan. In the second part a representative of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance will speak, as well as institutional partners of the European Commission, the EFSI Fund and the European Long-Term Investors association (ELTI).