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Multiple Payment Loan

A financial instrument that is suited to financing investment plans consisting of multiple activities, each with its own expense profile

Who’s it for?

Regions and autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano (CDP Circular n. 1284/2015)

How does it work?

With the multiple payment loan, your Region will be able to finance investment programmes by providing the amounts in one or more transactions during the duration of the loan period (normally up to 5 years).

The payment of the loan is made through one or more repayment plans, each corresponding to a date that coincides with the starting of the amortisation, with a duration of between 5 and 30 years.
The interest rate regime can be fixed for variable, with the option to request a transfer to a fixed-rate interest regime.

To guarantee the fulfilment of the obligations assumed with the loan contract, the instalment amounts are expected to be registered in the budget, with a special restriction and the allocation of a pro tempore treasurer with a special, irrevocable mandate.

Where to apply

By sending the application via certified e-mail adress (PEC):



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