MTA grows abroad – second plant in Morocco under construction

MTA grows abroad – second plant in Morocco under construction

Job creation and green investments thanks to €10 million from CDP


Financing the investment projects of Italian companies in emerging markets  is one of CDP's tools to promote sustainable development on a global scale. The latest beneficiary was MTA, a company that produces electronic and electrical components for cars, motorcycles and agricultural and earthmoving machinery.

MTA was founded in 1954 in Codogno (Lodi, Italy). The group currently has revenues of €240 million and 1700 employees at its nine sites across Italy, Slovakia, Brazil, Mexico, India, China and Morocco.

The €10 million loan from CDP will finance the construction of a second plant in Morocco to increase the production capacity allocated to the EMEA market (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The investment will generate positive impacts in terms of jobs and the environment through:

  • a 10% increase in staff, of which about 40% women and 30% young people, who will benefit from specially created training courses
  • a 10% reduction in energy consumption, thanks to innovative machinery
  • more efficient processing of production waste
  • the installation of photovoltaic panels that will meet most of the plant’s energy needs.

The opening of the new site will strengthen MTA's international presence and provide jobs for young people and women – a key theme for the long-term development of Morocco.