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Mortgage Loan

A financial instrument without pre-amoritisation, guaranteed by a first mortgage on real estate assets of your organisation.

Who’s it for?

Non-Territorial Public Bodies - such as Local Health Authorities and Hospitals (CDP Circ. 1274), Entities operating in the public housing sector (CDP Circ. No. 1274), Universities and similar Institutes (CDP Circular n 1274), Regional Agencies for Environmental Protection (CDP Circ. No. 1275), Regional Authorities for the Right to University Study (CDP Circ. No. 1275), other non-territorial public bodies (CDP Circ. 1277) - and public bodies governed by law that do not carry out public service management activities in sectors of economic importance (CDP Circular No. 1296)


How does it work?

If your non-territorial public body or public bodies governed by law meets the access criteria and owns available real estate, pursuant to articles 828 and 830 of the civil code, and is able to provide suitable legal certification to that effect, it will be able to finance investments through the Mortgage Loan, through the use of debt, in line with the legislation in force at the time.

The payment will be made in a single transaction, corresponding to the start date of amortisation (the duration of which is normally included between 5 and 30 years) for an amount equal to the sum lent, subject to the mortgage registration.

The loan is secured by a first mortgage on real estate in the assets of your organisation, subject to verification, as well as the actual mortgage ability, including the guarantee value of the same. It is also possible to include specific commitments in the loan agreement to respect certain financial statement indicators.


Where to apply

By sending the application via certified e-mail adress (PEC):

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