More teaching rooms and a lecture hall for the University of Catanzaro

More teaching rooms and a lecture hall for the University of Catanzaro

CDP provides a loan of €4 million for a new teaching facility

Support urban regeneration, increase the University's competitiveness and appeal and generate a positive impact on the local area. These are the aims of the €4 million loan granted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) to the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro for the construction of a new teaching facility, which will allow the university to expand its educational programme and locate degree courses from the same area together.


The new teaching facility will accommodate 800 students from the Faculty of Medicine

The building will be built on the university campus and will accommodate 800 new students in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The facility will have two floors with a total area of 2,800 square metres, with an additional 1,000 square metres of space on the top floor that can be used for study and socialising.

On the ground floor, the project includes a large entrance, a lecture hall with 223 seats and two teaching rooms with a total of 190 seats. An additional six teaching rooms with a total of 396 seats and 12 lecturers' offices will be built on the first floor.


A positive impact, in line with CDP's Strategic Plan

The transaction is based on the action priorities identified in the Strategic Guidelines for Social Infrastructure as set out in CDP's 2022-2024 Plan, with the aim of contributing to the development of education infrastructure to generate a positive social and environmental impact.


How the financing works

The planned measures have a total value of €8.9 million, which will be financed in part through the CDP €4 million loan and in part, for a further €4 million, through the allocation of funds from the Fund for University Buildings and Large Scientific Equipment1. The difference of €900,000 will be covered by the University's budget.


The expansion of the University of Catanzaro continues

The university campus where the new building will be built is situated on the outskirts of the city, on an area of 200 hectares, and, in addition to the faculty buildings, it also includes libraries, halls of residence, sports facilities and green areas. This is an area in expansion, with a view to easing city centre congestion and decentralising important services, where the university is the driving force for the entire area, both on an educational and social level and an economic one.

1Pursuant to MUR Decree No. 1121/2019