Moody's on CDP: the future of Italy goes from here

Moody's on CDP: the future of Italy goes from here

The rating agency lauds Business Plan results. CDP Group represents "excellence among the National Promotional Institutes in Europe"

Rome July 13, 2017

"CDP is on track to achieve its five-year-business-plan target, which foresees an increase of deployed resources, reaching €160 billion," according to Moody's rating agency following an in-depth company analysis.

With more than €30 billion allocated in 2016 (equivalent to 20% of the five-year target),  CDP will reach its 2016-2020 Business- Plan targets by significantly increasing resources mobilized for Italian economy. There is a growing burden on Italy’s economic development, especially after it CDP named a National Promotion Institute, which makes CDP the reference point in Italy for managing the Juncker-Plan funds.

With the ambitious goals its 2016-2020 Business Plan, CDP will be able to maintain a solid and sustainable financial profile due to the contribution of Poste Italiane, which strengthened its capital base. Moody's also points to the profitability of the company: in the coming months CDP will be profitable, capable of sustaining  growth on its own, continuing to pay a good dividend to shareholders.

CDP is best in class among the European National Promotional Institutions, with the lowest level of deteriorated credit and a capital base among the highest.

Moody's expresses a positive opinion on the first year of implementation of the Business Plan 2020. #wepromotethefuture