Mola di Bari renovates its seafront and restores the Angevin Castle with support from CDP

Mola di Bari renovates its seafront and restores the Angevin Castle with support from CDP

Funding used to enhance the cultural heritage and landscape

Located on the Adriatic coast, halfway between Bari and Polignano a Mare, Mola di Bari is a town of 26,000 inhabitants. Its main sources of income are agriculture, fishing and tourism, and it is one of the most important fishing ports in Apulia.

The old town is characterised by its walls, towers and the mighty Angevin Castle, which looks out over the sea. The castle was designed in 1279 by Pierre d'Agicourt at the behest of Charles I of Anjou, who rebuilt the town two years earlier on an existing settlement of Greek origin. Built to fortify the stretch of coastline from Bari to Monopoli, Mola's fortress has undergone numerous structural changes over the years and has become an important mansion.

With CDP’s support, the Municipality carried out sanitation and structural restoration work on the landmark building, improving its touristic potential. It also purchased part of the prestigious Palazzo Roberti Alberotanza, an iconic late-baroque building in the town. These are Important measures that contribute to the touristic, social and economic development of the area.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti also supported Mola's municipal administration in the redevelopment of the northern side of the seafront, creating a modern promenade where green spaces, pedestrian walkways and cycle paths are well integrated with areas for parking and outdoor events. The project will help the town, an important tourist centre on the Adriatic coast, be well prepared for the upcoming summer season when locals and visitors can enjoy the promenade again.

CDP's rapid provision of finance and the availability of qualified professionals to support the municipal administration in these tasks were fundamental in enabling the Municipality of Mola di Bari to improve its services for the public and make them more efficient. The cultural heritage and landscape have been restored and enhanced, strengthening Mola's tourist appeal.