MID Plafond

MID Plafond

The MID Plafond is intended for financing investments, to be implemented or in progress, and to increase the working capital of Mid Cap companies, with between 250 and 3000 employees.

The Plafond amounts to 3,500 million euros.

Non-autonomous MID companies are also eligible for financing, provided that the number of associated / linked employees is less than 3000 units and equal to or greater than 250 units.

The loans granted by the banks through the MID Plafond can benefit from a public or private guarantee. In the event of a public guarantee (for example, Central Guarantee Fund for SMEs, SACE or ISMEA) CDP offers a specific supply line.

There is no limit on the loan amount for MIDs, except for those with public guarantee loans, which cannot exceed the amount of 25 million euros per unit

It is possible to use the MID Plafond also in the form of financial leasing.
Restructuring of previous debts are excluded.

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