Local Finance: Online 3/2017 Report

The 2017 study, by CDP’s Research and Study Center, is focused on the public debt dynamics and the analysis of water and ultra-broadband sector

Rome September 1, 2017

The Local Finance Report 2017 is online. The study is dedicated to the analysis of the evolution of public debt and the effects on growth, especially at local level. The new report also introduces insights into the Integrated Water System and the ultra-broadband sector, two areas considered strategic for local public investment.

These are the issues of the new report by CDP’s Research and Studies Centre, coordinated by Simona Camerano:

Local Debt (by Alessandro Melini)

The evolution of public spending: a European comparison (by Davide Ciferri and Alessandro Melini)

The evolution of the debt / GDP ratio and the contribution of Local Authorities (by Davide Ciferri and Alessandro Melini)

Financing investments in the integrated water system (by Cristina Dell’Aquila and Silvia Tranfa)

Investments in new generation networks. The crucial role of territorial administrations (by Susanna Screpanti)