Loans to support internationalization

Loans to support internationalization

Finanziamenti a medio-lungo termine ad imprese italiane e/o loro controllate/ collegate estere per supportare tutte le fasi di crescita internazionale
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Who’s it for?

Medium and large companies working in any sector

How does it work?

CDP acts by granting medium and long-term loans directly to Italian companies and / or their subsidiaries / foreign affiliates and foreign project companies with Italian sponsors, to support all phases of international growth (e.g. investments, acquisitions).
The transactions are preferably completed in a pool with the banking system. CDP supports the operations with a dedicated team that analyses the company needs and evaluates /researches the solution that best meets the demands of the company and their different credit needs, offering full collaboration from origination to completion.
The characteristics of the loans granted by CDP, which can be adapted according to specific company needs, vary depending on the purpose of the investment plan, the rating of the counterparty (and the target company in the case of M&A transactions) and the security package proposed by the company.

This activity may also have a synergic intervention from SACE-SIMEST to support businesses:
SACE can act by issuing a guarantee to the lenders to cover the non-repayment of the loan, enabling companies to increase the credit lines available with their banks;
SIMEST can support individual transactions through the direct participation in the share capital of the foreign branch (mezzanine loan or quasi-equity), which also enables access to an interest subsidy.


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