Italian SMEs invest in Argentina thanks to the CDP Group

CDP, SACE and Simest participate in the Italian mission in Argentina led by the Secretary for Economic Development Ivan Scalfarotto to support export and international expansion of SMEs

The goal of the group is twofold: to support the Italian economy in investments in Argentina and together play the role of advisor to the Argentine institutions in economic growth plans.

  • SACE will provide Italian exporters a credit line of 700 million euros. This intervention is also possible thanks to a collaboration agreement with Banco de La Nacion, the largest Argentine financial institution, which will facilitate business transactions of short to medium term. SACE is also among the first export credit companies to reopen operations with sovereign Argentine counterparts following the new reform plan launched by the government
  • SIMEST it committed in supporting Italian companies that want to develop in the country. Currently it supports the Company Chimica Larderello, active in the chemical / pharmaceutical sector, the establishment of an on-site company. In addition, it paid about 30 million euros in concessional financing to Italian SMEs operating in Argentina.

Italy is Europe's third largest trading partner of Argentina, with over 1 billion euros of exports in 2015. According to estimates of SACE, the figure will grow at an annual average of 2.3%, with strong opportunities in the: agro-food sectors, automotive, energy, mining and infrastructure.