Italian Intelligence: the new headquarters in the Piazza Dante

Italian Intelligence: the new headquarters in the Piazza Dante

The Chairman of CDP Tononi and the CEO Palermo participated in the inauguration ceremony with the highest offices of the State

The Italian Intelligence finally has a unitary location, of great historical and architectural value in the CDP-owned palace of Piazza Dante in Romewhich after a long and extensive renovation, is fully functional.
The history of the building and the value it holds for Italy and and Italians were illustrated during the inauguration ceremony attended by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Premier Giuseppe Conte, and other representatives of the highest State offices.

The CDP Chairman Massimo Tononi and the CEO Fabrizio Palermo were also present to bear witness to the role played by  Cassa depositi e prestiti in the path that led to thebuilding’s renewal, in Rome’s Esquilino neighborhood.

The new headquarters represents the result of a decade of work on a building built in the early twentieth century to host, until recently, the functions of the Italian Postal Ministry.Today the building becomes the symbol of a process of union and cohesion undertaken by the national intelligence, with the aim of working ever more effectively for national security.

After seven years of work, due to the commitment of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the Security Information System of the Republic is hosted in a building with modern facilities, environmentally sustainable, and adapted to seismic standards, part of a general redevelopment project of the urban context.

The intervention in Piazza Dante testifies to the CDP Group's commitment to the growth of the country and to the well-being of the community, in-line with the objectives of the new Business Plan.