Italian engineering in the world: SIMESTpromotes the know-how of Thesan

Investment of 1.9 million euros to build and operate photovoltaic plants in the US and Latin America

Rome, July 29, 2016

With an investment of 1.9 million euros and the acquisition of 49% of Thesan USA Corp., the US subsidiary of Thesan of Turin, CDP Group - through Simest - promotes the Italian know-how in the world.

Thesan specializes in the design and implementation of technological solutions for the production of energy from renewable sources and for sustainable construction. The agreement provides for the acquisition of contracts for the construction, management and maintenance of photovoltaic systems in the US and Latin America.

CDP Group's commitment will allow Thesan Spa to provide its US subsidiary with project engineering and support facilities necessary for the construction of photovoltaic systems, with obvious positive effects on sales. The research and development will remain instead in the hands of the Italian company.

In the past Thesan Spa has had a relationship with the CDP Group.  Through SACE it guaranteed a loan for investment in research and development aimed at reinforcing its international growth. Over the years the company has implemented several photovoltaic plants in Italy and abroad for over 30 MWp.