Italgas and SNAM: sustainability champions

Italgas and SNAM: sustainability champions

The two companies owned by CDP Group achieve goals for environmental protection. From the green corporate fleet to social agriculture

Rome December 11, 2018

The commitment to sustainability is a fundamental asset of CDP Group and the latest initiatives finalized by subsidiary companies confirm this line.

Italgas, part of CDP Reti, has decided to renew the entire company fleet (2,500 vehicles in circulation throughout the country) with Fiat vehicles powered by natural gas, focusing on sustainable mobility.

The transformation of the company fleet is one of the initiatives launched with the Italgas Business Plan 2017-2023 and, for the leading group in the Italian natural gas distribution sector, represents an important step in a virtuous path that will bring considerable containment of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, helping to make the air more breathable in the cities.

Additionally, SNAM after recently receiving various awards  - from the confirmation in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index to the insertion in the Climate change A List, - promotes a new sustainable initiative of great social impact: the SNAM Foundation will collaborate with Confagricoltura for the promotion, development and the implementation of social farming projects.

In particular, the agreement provides for the organization of competitions aimed at social operators mainly in the agricultural sector, destined to reward the best projects in terms of social impact and local development, as well as to guarantee economic sustainability and replicability throughout Italy.