Italgas: 180 years under the banner of sustainability

Italgas: 180 years under the banner of sustainability

The company, in which CDP Group has a stake, has launched a competition to celebrate its important anniversary: the prize is a CNG car

Celebrating an anniversary by promoting the dissemination of best practices for respect for the environment is what Italgas has done to mark 180 years of operation.

In order to celebrate this prestigious event, the company, part-owned by the CDP Group, launched the "These 180 days" competition, with the dual objective of presenting its business to a wider audience and making people more aware of the importance of adopting forms of renewable energy, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. How? By rewarding the winner with a methane-powered car, a mark of respect for the environment and of attention to the future, and by setting up over 120 gas filling stations for cars.

The path taken by Italgas therefore represents a virtuous choice, which will lead to a considerable reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, helping to make the air in the cities in which it operates more breathable. In the meantime, over 2, 400 people took part in the initiative by meeting the company in the main Italian squares. Visitors were asked to interact with a special device in the shape of a gas meter and try to total, using the last three digits of the gigantic display, the number 180.

An opportunity to reflect on the technology and services that our country needs in order to grow. Italgas has chosen a fun and entertaining initiative to involve everyone in this path of sustainability, something that is fully in line with the direction being taken by the CDP Group, which has always been committed to promoting sustainable economic development.