International cooperation in Ethiopia and Jordan

International cooperation in Ethiopia and Jordan

New financial agreements for interventions in favour of the two countries' water supply networks and sanitation systems

Rome December 21, 2018


New aid loans worth 58 million euros for International Cooperation in Ethiopia and Jordan are the result of two financial agreements signed by CDP with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and a further financial agreement signed with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Central Bank of Jordan.

The Ethiopian resources will be used to carry out health and sanitation work aimed at the sustainable disposal of waste water and the modernisation of the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. In detail, the first convention will allocate 17 million euros to improving the operability and usability of basic sanitation services through the construction of new health and sanitation facilities in schools, hospitals and strategic areas of Addis Ababa and other Ethiopian cities, as well as the construction of rainwater collection systems in public buildings, the construction of systems and purchase of machinery for waste water disposal.

The second convention valued at 30 million euros is aimed at modernising Ethiopia’s agricultural and agro-industrial sectors through the structuring of wheat and tomato supply chains in specific regions of the country. The initiative’s goal is:

  • to develop producers' skills for improved production and product quality;
  • strengthening  existing infrastructure through the construction/rehabilitation of logistic hubs for the sorting, storage, sale, and dissemination of agricultural machinery;
  • improving access to credit and financial products in general, through technical support as regards financial institutions; enhancing the role of women in agricultural supply chains;
  • managing natural resources in a sustainable and participatory manner through the creation of local groups for the management of water resources and irrigation.

The 11 million euro support loan forJordan will be put to work for the construction of waste water disposal facilities in the Baqaa Palestinian refugee camp in the Ain Al-Basha region (Balqa governorship) and will serve to improve environmental conditions, protecting groundwater and contributing to the improvement of living conditions, safety, and the health.

To contribute to the reduction of environmental and groundwater pollution, the Ain Al-Basha region sewer network will be reinforced with various work including:

  • the construction of approximately 33 km of new water lines in the Mubes and Abu-Nusair areas and maintenance (cleaning and restoration) of about 1 km of existing network in the Palestinian camp of Baqaa;
  • construction of approximately 30 km of new water lines in the Safot and Um Al-Dananeer area and maintenance (cleaning and restoration) of about 1 km of existing network in the Baqaa;
  • construction of approximately 24 km of new water lines in the Qaqesh and Al-Kharsha area and maintenance (cleaning and restoration) of about 1 km of existing network in the Baqaa camp.

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