Innovazione e hospitality per la crescita del turismo | CDP

Innovation and hospitality: what levers are there for the competitiveness of tourism in Italy?

Our research, carried out in collaboration with TH Resorts, illustrates the fact that, in the current international competitive environment, innovation is an essential strategic element for accommodation facilities.

In order to understand how the market is evolving and how innovation can help the implementation of new economically sustainable business models, an innovative survey has been carried out in the Report based on two guidelines:

  1. a quantitative analysis of investments and operations related to 253 European, American and Asian tourism start-ups and 12 global tech giants and
  2. a series of interviews with some of the main tourism tech operators.

It has become clear that technology is a key lever in helping accommodation businesses to establish a system, customise their offerings and pursue sustainability. However, in order to improve the dissemination of technological innovation, it is necessary to increase the use of open systems, be proactive on staff training and calibrate the level of innovation according to the characteristics of individual enterprises.