Innovating postal savings products with PosteHack

Innovating postal savings products with PosteHack

€voApp, the app that helps users manage spending and saving wins the digital marathon at Talent Garden Poste Italiane

Rome October 23, 2017

Forty participants on seven teams worked together for more than 50 hours during PosteHack by Talent Garden Poste Italiane in collaboration with CDP to innovate Italian postal savings products.

For three days and two nights under-25 developers, web designers worked on proposals for improving the savings instruments which are important parts of the history of CDP and Poste Italiane. The jury, composed of managers from Poste Italiane, CDP and Talent Garden, awarded first prize - a trip to the TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 in Berlin - to the creators of €voApp, a tool to help you manage daily expenses and save intelligently.

Second prize went to Save your Saving, an app to engage customers with the digital recognition of the postal savings books.  The creators won a spot to participate in Futureland in Milan, an event dedicated to the exploration of uses and applications of artificial intelligence, virtual reality virtual in business. Third place was awarded to P-Tribe, a project that involves the use of the "microbuoni" savings product and the involvement of the community through gambling dynamics: the winners can experience the experience of Talent Garden Poste Italiane in Rome for a month, a space that offers aspirants digital entrepreneurs the opportunity and tools to turn their ideas into successful start-ups.

The fifth edition of the digital marathon was a clear testimony to CDP’s commitment to supporting innovation of the Italian economy by focusing on youth creativity and digital technologies, boldly facing the evolution of reality.