Infrastructures: needs and potential in the ISPI report

Infrastructures: needs and potential in the ISPI report

An overview of the infrastructure system, new opportunities and challenges to overcome: this is the focus of the new study published by the ISPI. CDP contributed with a chapter on the conditions which can facilitate investments in a key sector for economic and social growth

Rome May 8,2019

Infrastructure investments: what opportunities do they offer in terms of economic and social growth? What are the challenges to overcome in order to contribute to the development of this sector?

These are the main issues addressed in the "Infrastructure for growth: how to finance, develop and protect it" study carried out by the ISPI Infrastructure Observatory, with contributions from various institutions, including Cassa depositi e prestiti.

The global infrastructure system appears to be under increasing pressure. An overview of the scenario is outlined in the chapter on “Conditions that facilitate infrastructure investment”, which was written by CDP’s Research and Studies team. Investments are struggling to keep up with demand: by 2035, it is estimated that the global infrastructure requirement will be approximately 70 trillion dollars, the current infrastructure gap (calculated as the difference between infrastructure demand and investment) is around 600 billion per year.

In this context, the role of the institutions that work to fill this gap, developing quality infrastructure projects and supporting Public Administration in the complex planning stages, becomes increasingly important. The objective is to encourage the development of infrastructure projects that are well integrated in the economic and territorial context, with an increasing focus on sustainability issues and strengthening the skills of all the parties involved in the design and executive process.