Infrastructure development: CDP and EIB for FerrovieNord

Infrastructure development: CDP and EIB for FerrovieNord

€650 million for the purchase of new trains. Energy efficiency and sustainable mobility are the main objectives of the initiative to enhance Lombardia's public transport

CDP, as National Promotion Institute, has confirmed its support for the infrastructure sector through a new project for FerrovieNord, an FNM Group company with a contract to manage part of the regional railway network. The scheme involves €650 million maximum amount loan agreement supporting the regional program for the purchase of 161 new train units, to replace obsolete rolling stock for suburban and regional services in Lombardy.

The project is aimed at increasing the quality of railway transport in the region, with a particular focus on environmental sustainability: in fact, the new trains will be more efficient to run, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, increasing levels of passenger comfort. CDP is contributing to the scheme by granting a maximum of up to €650 million to FerrovieNord between 2021 and 2025, through funds made available by the EIB.

The resources will be allocated to meet spending commitments to implement the purchase program by 2025, in advance of the receipt of the sums envisaged by the Region: the programme, in fact, has established the maximum amount for the scheme implementation - € 1,607,000,000 - will be granted during the financial years 2017-2032.

CDP and EIB participation in this new project shows the importance placed on the implementation of sustainable urban mobility services for the two institutions: indeed, the use of the new trains will have a positive environmental impact in terms of safety, energy savings, air pollution, noise and CO2 emissions, therefore encouraging the use of rail transport instead of private cars.