Infrastructure Day: CDP's Role and Investments to Support Italian Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Day: CDP's Role and Investments to Support Italian Infrastructure Development

€7 billion of funding, €14 billion of mobilized resources: CEO Fabio Gallia illustrated the commitment of CDP for the infrastructure sector at the Milan event organized by Borsa Italiana

Milan September 7, 2017

Seven billion euros of funding and a total of €14 billion in resources mobilized since the start of the 2016-2020 Industrial Plan - the figures are testament to CDP's commitment to infrastructure, as illustrated by CEO Fabio Gallia during Infrastructure Day, the event organized by Borsa Italiana in Milan in the presence of important sector operators.

During his talk, Gallia highlighted the work done to reduce the Italian infrastructure gap, as a result of  strategic investments in companies such as Eni, Snam, Terna, Italgas, and highlighted the evolution of CDP's role that in recent years , has changed and grown thanks to its status as the National Promotional Institution. Since 2015, CDP has expanded its business, no longer acting only as lender or investor, but as a promoter of new projects and activities. Promoting Italy’s future means, above all, investing in a strategic sphere for territorial and economic growth, a driving force for social development, through innovative ways capable of meeting the needs of the Italian industrial and business fabric.

In particular, CDP has expanded advisory actions to public authorities in planning and designing infrastructure investments and strengthened its role as anchor investor. At the same time, the range of financial instruments (debt, guarantee, equity, and others) has been diversified to provide adequate solutions to individual complementary banking interventions. Not to mention the direct programs for the development of the largest infrastructure projects in the country. CDP has promoted and funded works such as the Passante di Mestre, the third lane A4 - Autovie Venete, Interconnector Italy-France, and companies like Open Fiber.

The activity development path also has the international dimension of CDP which, in addition to being a leader among National Promotion Institutions in the management of the Juncker Plan, has put in place equity programs in pan-European funds such as the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund and the Marguerite II. They all contribute to the growth of the Italian infrastructure system, in particular in the water, transport, water and telecom sectors, which, as underlined by Gallia, are the areas with the greatest need for investment.

CDP’s goal: to meet 30% of the country's infrastructure needs throughout the 2016-2020 Industrial Plan.