Il Cielo Itinerante and Fondazione CDP: "Operazione Cielo" summer camps kick off

Il Cielo Itinerante and Fondazione CDP: "Operazione Cielo" summer camps kick off

Over 30 professional trainers will introduce more than 200 youngsters to STEM subjects thanks to an innovative method from the Stanford Graduate School of Education

6 June 2023 – Naples, Milan and Rome will host the "Operazione Cielo" summer camps, a new project supported by Fondazione CDP. The initiative was launched by Il Cielo Itinerante, the non-profit organisation that has been travelling across Italy for two years in a minibus to "bring the sky to those who can’t see it" – children who live in areas of social hardship and educational poverty. 

The summer camps, all starting in June, will last four weeks and involve more than 200 youngsters between 10 and 14 years old, who, in addition to trying out an innovative method of learning mathematics, will also take part in space workshops and skywatching evenings. The summer camps will take place in the neighbourhoods of: Forcella, Ponticelli, San Giovanni a Teduccio and San Carlo all'Arena in Naples, Giambellino in Milan and Tor Bella Monaca in Rome.

During the summer camps, 30 trainers and teachers from all over Italy will use the experimental Youcubed method with the students, an innovative system of teaching mathematics developed by Jo Boaler, professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. 

The decision to train professionals from all over Italy and involve young people who grew up in socially challenging situations reflects the commitment of Il Cielo Itinerante and Fondazione CDP to developing STEM skills and to inclusion – including via the use of innovative methods and role models who can stimulate the younger generations. 

The "Operazione Cielo" project is sponsored by the Municipality of Naples and is recognised by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) and the OAE Centre Italy of the International Astronomical Union. It is delivered with the support of Altra Napoli EF, Associazione Amici di Carlo Fulvio Velardi ONLUS, Asso.Gio.Ca Associazione Gioventù Cattolica, Fondazione Famiglia di Maria, Fondazione L'Albero della Vita ONLUS, Fondazione Bracco, Fondazione Paolo Bulgari and Iliad.

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