Hydroelectricity to combat high energy prices: 3 million kWh for the Carnia Industrial Park

Hydroelectricity to combat high energy prices: 3 million kWh for the Carnia Industrial Park

Creating favourable conditions for economic and technological development. That was the aim of the Carnia Industrial Park when it was opened in 1964. It is now home to 160 companies with more than 3,700 employees.

The Park consortium's goal is to foster the development of the area and existing businesses and to attract new entrepreneurial ventures to Carnia, a mountainous area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The park has been developed over 250 hectares and is equipped with innovative technological and IT networks, road systems and modern industrial facilities, all built in full compliance with environmental sustainability and energy saving standards.

This commitment to sustainability has led the consortium to invest in renewables, with the support of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. CDP provided finance of €6.5 million for the construction of a hydroelectric plant producing 3 million kWh per year. The turbine is powered by water from the A2A power station in Cavazzo and therefore has no impact on new watercourses.

This focus on renewables is nothing new for the Carnia Industrial Park consortium, which previously built the Resia hydroelectric power plant in 2008 and encourages companies to self-produce energy through photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of industrial buildings.

The consortium's 2023-2025 Business Plan also includes the same aims. In this period of major uncertainty about energy costs, the Carnia Industrial Park consortium is planning measures to make its real estate more energy efficient and has begun feasibility planning for a Local Energy Community with local SMEs.

These high-impact initiatives are not only aimed at promoting the development of ecologically sustainable systems but also at generating funds for investment to set up new companies, create jobs and generate development in the industrial areas of Tolmezzo, Amaro and Villa Santina.

CDP's backing of the Carnia Industrial Park is part of its historic commitment to offer close support to the area and is in line with the Strategic Guidelines of the 2022-2024 Plan to foster the transition towards more sustainable development models.