Green energy for rural communities in Peru

Green energy for rural communities in Peru

CDP finances the Tozzi Green Group’s sustainable electrification project

Energy means development, especially in rural areas of Peru where a third of the population does not have continuous access to the electricity grid. A situation that has a significant impact on work, school activities and the right to healthcare. 

The distance between locations in remote and inaccessible areas, combined with inadequate communication routes has led the Peruvian government to take action by putting in place a National Rural Electrification Plan to increase electrification in rural areas to 96% in just under five years.

The project involves the installation and management of domestic photovoltaic systems that will supply electricity to various locations on the coast, mountains and in the Peruvian jungle, replacing the current sources of carbon-intensive energy (wood, manure, hydrocarbons, oil) with renewable sources.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is supporting the Tozzi Green Group from Romagna in its work to install systems that will benefit families, schools and healthcare facilities in the most isolated areas, meeting energy needs for lighting and information (radio and television).

CDP has provided financing amounting to €7.6 million to the company, which has been working as an integrated operator in the entire electricity production chain for over 30 years, for a project involving approximately 14,000 families.

This high-impact initiative will allow access to green energy by creating new opportunities for growth and social inclusion with long-term benefits for rural Peruvian communities.