Ghana: 30 Italian SMEs for the new University

Ghana: 30 Italian SMEs for the new University

SACE has finalized a financing deal with Contracta Costruzioni Italia (CCIT) and Deutsche Bank for a $45.6 million contract for the construction of the first agricultural and environmental sciences university campus

CDP Group's export and internationalisation hub has confirmed its support for the foreign expansion of Italian companies, thanks to a new initiative to develop the Ghanaian education system. SACE has in fact finalised a financing deal with Contracta Costruzioni Italia (CCIT) and Deutsche Bank for a $45.6 million contract to build the University of Environment and Sustainable Development in Somanya, the first university campus dedicated to the study of agricultural and environmental sciences in the West African country.

The contract, financed through Deutsche Bank and guaranteed by SACE, was assigned by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ghana to Contracta Costruzioni Italia, the Italian branch of the Brazilian group Contracta Engenharia. CCIT has subcontracted 30 Italian SMEs for the project, highly specialised and competitive in sectors such as construction, infrastructure, furnishings, fitness equipment, electrical appliances, medical equipment and lighting.

On its completion, the new University will become a reference point on the international academic landscape for study and research in the field of food security and sustainable development, contributing to the creation of around 2,400 jobs and the economic and social development of the Country.

The new initiative is part of the growth process initiative which is under way in Ghana: Indeed, the country is currently one of the most dynamic economies on the entire continent, with a GDP that has been steadily increasing for over 20 years and provides a wealth of opportunities for Made in Italy goods in the construction, oil & gas and industrial machinery sectors. The Italian SMEs involved in the project will have the chance to work in a stimulating and competitive environment, with average growth forecasts for Italian exports of around 6.6% up to 2020.

Alongside our hub, #wepromotethefuture of Italian entrepreneurial spirit, with a constant focus on sustainability issues: "Quality education" is our number 4 goal and the deal just signed for Ghana is one of the projects aimed at achieving this.