From SACE and Creval 10 mln euros for IVS Italia’s international growth

CDP Group will promote the international growth of IVS ITALY Spa, the largest Italian vending machine group and the third in Europe, with 70 subsidiaries in Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland

Thanks to 'agreement between SACE and Creval, ITALY IVS will be eligible for 10 million euros of financing aimed at strengthening its position in the French, Spanish and Swiss markets through the acquisition of new business units.

With this joint action, SACE and Creval undertake to support an Italian success, in a segment where  competition with foreign multinationals is very strong,  strengthening its ability to undertake an effective international growth path.

This transaction confirms CDP’s as National Institute of Promotion and complements the agreement recently announced by SACE and Creval that provides the banking group’s clients with € 100 million of new funding to support projects for innovation and growth at 'abroad as part of the "2i Programme for Enterprise - Innovation and International Expansion.’’