From Msc Crociere to Seabourn Cruise Line: Fincantieri has not boundaries

From Msc Crociere to Seabourn Cruise Line: Fincantieri has not boundaries

After the Seaside float-Out, CDP’s Fincantieri delivered first for Carnival Brand

Rome, December 2, 2016

Three hundred and 23 meters long, weighing in at 154,000 tons with a capacity of 5,179 passengers, MSC’s Seaside is part of a new generation of mega ships that Fincantieri, a company owned by the CDP Group, will deliver to MSC Cruises between June and December 2017. The cruise company and the Italian shipbuilding group celebrated the "float out" of the marine giant Monfalcone: a defining moment, during which the ship floated on the water and was moved to complete the final phase of construction of the interior spaces and cabins.

The realization of the MSC Seaside involves an investment of 700 million euros and the work of 2 thousand people a month between direct and indirect Fincantieri workers, operating from May 2014 until 2018 for the construction of the sister ship, the MSC Seaview. The project carried out by the two Italian companies is testimony to a strong and long-standing partnership, in a sector that represents 3.5% of GDP with a major impact on Italian industry (123 billion euros in 2015), with 850,000 employees in 185,000 companies.


The prestige of Fincantieri recognized known wordwide. Carnival Corp.’s Seabourn Cruise Line unit received the first of two super-luxury cruise ships at the in Marghera Seabourn Encore plant. The new unit built by Fincantieri marks the continuation of the modernization of the  Seabourn fleet, which began in 2009. The ship weighs 40,350 tons and has a length of about 210 meters. It can accommodate 600 passengers in 300 spacious suites with private balconies.

The Seabourne Encore will be officially unveiled in Singapore on January 7 in a ceremony that will celebrate the innovative value of the project. In building the new units, Fincantieri has attached particular importance to the optimization of energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact, by adopting advanced technology with standards higher than the requests of the relevant legislation.

Participation in the CDP Fincantieri Group is direct testimony to the objectives contained in the Business Plan 2016-2020: from support for Italian businesses, to the development of sustainable projects.