From Military Defense to Cruises: New Targets for Fincantieri

From Military Defense to Cruises: New Targets for Fincantieri

The company controlled by the CDP Group continues to promote Italian engineering in the international arena. Delivers two units to the Navy and signs agreement Viking Ocean Cruises

Rome, May 15, 2017

Fincantieri, an international leader in the naval industry, promotes Italian engineering know-how in the world by carrying out important military defense projects, such as the delivery of submarine Romeo Romei, the last of four twin units of the "Todaro" class commissioned by the Italian Navy. Featuring highly innovative technological solutions, the submarine is equipped with the latest silencer techniques to reduce noise impact and respect for the environment.

The Romeo Romei delivery follows that of the Rizzo, multi-purpose Rizzo frigate. The vessel is the sixth unit of the FREMM program (Fregate European Multimedia) commissioned under the Italo-French International Cooperation Agreement, coordinated by OCCAR, Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation.

Rizzo, along with other FREMM frigates, represents technological excellence, designed to reach a speed of 27 knots, accommodate up to 200 people, and operate in all tactical situations. Fincantieri is also involved in the construction of seven Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel: the first unit's delivery expected by 2021. Innovation, flexibility and efficiency are the main features of ships, with a dual military and civil protection profile.

The implementation of new patrols is part of the renewal plan for the naval units initiated in May 2015. The program includes the construction of “Volcano,” a Logistic Support Ship Unit, a work of exceptional efficiency and innovation. The delivery is scheduled for 2019.

The Italian shipbuilding group reaffirms its leadership in the naval industry, but not only in the defense field. Fincantieri delivered the "Majestic Princess," the third unit of the Royal Princess class, built for the Princess Cruises brand owned by Carnival Corporation, the world's top cruise ship operator. Furthermore,  the Italian shipbuilding company signed a memorandum of understanding agreement with Viking Ocean Cruises for the construction of two cruise ships that, adding to the six already ordered, will enter the Viking fleet in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

With Fincantieri, a subsidiary of the CDP Group, we have been investing in the competitiveness of Italian industrial fabric, in line with the Business Plan.