From Japan to Mexico: SACE and SIMEST promote Made in Italy abroad

From Japan to Mexico: SACE and SIMEST promote Made in Italy abroad

Two new CDP operations to develop renewable energy and clothing overseas

Rome April 13, 2017

CDP Group companies SACE and SIMEST signed a pair of new operations to promote the growth of Made in Italy abroad.

SIMEST loaned €2.4 million to MooRER, a leader in personal luxury goods and the production of high quality down jackets. Founded in 1999 in Castelnuovo del Garda, in Italy’s northern Veneto region, the company designs jackets made entirely in Italy and distributes the finished products abroad with more than 950 outlets globally.

Because of CDP support, MooRER will strengthen its presence in Japan, to where the brand has been exporting for years. Financing will be used for the construction of a new flagship store in central Tokyo.

SACE together with Deutsche Bank supported electronics company Fimer with a €9 million operation for the production of orders destined for Mexico. Fimer -specialized in conversion systems production for photovoltaic circuits- received the SACE guarantee on two performance-bonds worth $4.3 million issued by Deutsche Bank (which provided the company with a further €5 million loan).

The financing will allow Fimer, based in Italy’s northern Lombardy region,  to consolidate its leadership in Latin American markets and continue to invest in research & development.

SACE and SIMEST, in line with the CDP Business Plan 2016- 2020, help Italians entrepreneurs grow abroad. Together we promote the future of Italian companies.