Fondazione CDP and Fondazione Veronesi join forces to bring science closer to young people

Fondazione CDP and Fondazione Veronesi join forces to bring science closer to young people

The initiative includes nearly 400 events on the latest topics in scientific research and involves 130 secondary school classes.

To promote the presence of women into the field, out of 46 experts involved, 25 are female researchers and 10 female scientists.


"La Ricerca Si Racconta" (Research Stories) is a project from Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, in partnership with Fondazione CDP, launched to bring the world of scientific research closer to the younger generations. The initiative will involve meetings with science disseminators and researchers who can tell the story of research, how it works and when, as well as explain its practical impact on our health and quality of life, and illustrate study and career opportunities in the sector.

The project began in November and throughout the school year it will involve 2,600 students and a hundred teachers from 130 classes in secondary schools across Italy, 58% of them in the south of the country. There will be a total of 390 events covering the latest topics in science. To promote the presence of women in science, more than 75% of the experts involved are female scientists: specifically, out of the total of 46 experts, 25 are researchers, and 10 are scientific disseminators.

The course is divided into three sessions run by researchers and disseminators: the first looks at precision medicine, one of the frontiers in the biomedical sciences field; the second is a discussion with researchers and a chance to get to know people who have made research their life's work; the third will focus on the ethical implications of research.

As a final activity, students will create a mood board, a collection of images to reflect on the ideas and content they have learnt during the three sessions of the course.  The ultimate goal is to share with the young people involved in the initiative the core values of science and research, which are based on dedication, commitment and enthusiasm.