Florian invests in new technologies and renewable energy

Florian invests in new technologies and renewable energy

With the help of CDP, the leading company in the wood sector modernises its foreign plants

From the forest to the finished product. At all stages of the production cycle, the integrated wood supply chain is demonstrating an increasing focus on the environment.

Florian, a leading company in this sector, has been committed to improving the sustainability of its production for many years, from the supply of raw materials from controlled areas to the use of renewable energy in its plants.

Established in the 1950s in the province of Treviso, Florian produces and markets semi-finished wood products for floors, furniture, windows and stairs, as well as products for major retailers and DIY chains.

Today, the company is present in five European countries: Italy, France, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia.

With a CDP loan of 10 million euros, guaranteed at 50% by SACE, the company is investing in more modern machinery and in plants that use renewable energy, in Croatia, Hungary and France.

“Industry 4.0” technologies will strengthen the automation of the company’s production processes, while photovoltaic systems will boost the production of clean energy.

In Croatia, one of the company’s largest production plants will also be built, and will use primary processing waste in accordance with a circular economy model.