Prestito Flessibile Grandi Opere (PFGO) | CDP

Flexible Loan for Large-Scale Projects

We support the fulfilment of investments in large-scale infrastructure projects.

Who it's aimed at

Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces (Circular CDP n. 1280/2013).

How it works

With the Flexible Loan for Large-Scale Projects, we support the construction of large-scale infrastructure projects, taking into account the financial needs related to the time frame of the works (long implementation times) and the first phase of the investment implementation (reduced capital repayment plan in the first years of

Minimum project amount: € 400 million
Minimum loan amount: € 100 million

The loan amount is disbursed based on the supporting expenditure documents, during the period of use, ending on  31 December, seven years after the contract date, with the possibility of extending it to the entire duration of the loan.
The start of the amortisation period can be brought forward if the investment has been fully made.

The repayment of the PFGO capital is based on a depreciation plan that foresees, half-yearly capital allowances equal to 0.5% of the outstanding debt on 1 January or 1 July before the half-year maturity (30 June and 31 December), for the first three years, following which they will be constant.


How to apply

Send the loan application via PEC to, with the documentation specified in the appropriate section of the local authorities and public administration reserved area, dedicated to the PFGO.

The PFGO will be available from CDP until 31 December 2022.

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