First Seismic Damage Prevention Day

First Seismic Damage Prevention Day

CDP joins the Inarcassa Foundation in a partnership to promote building safety in Italy: information points in 500 Italian squares and 1000 Post Offices. To take place on September 30th

Rome September 26, 2018

On 30 September 2018, the National Seismic Damage Prevention Day will take place in 500 Italian squares.
The Inarcassa Foundation, the National Council of Engineers and the National Council of Architect Planners, Landscapers and Restorers come together to promote the first edition of the day, involving thousands of architects and engineers coordinated by regions, to raise awareness and foster a culture of seismic damage prevention, ensuring concrete improvements in the safety conditions of our country's real estate assets. Architects and engineers will be on hand in over 100 cities at 1000 information points hosted by the Italian Post Office.

They will provide simple explanations to the public about the meaning of seismic risk and how it can affect building safety, and supply information on the financial help (Sisma Bonus and Eco Bonus) which is now available to improve the safety of your home. You can book a free first visit for an expert technical evaluation before 20 October. The initiative is part of CDP's wider commitment as a strategic partner to the regions of Italy. CDP demonstrated this commitment in the aftermath of the Abruzzo earthquake in 2009, in 2012 in Emilia-Romagna and more recently following the earthquake in Central Italy in 2016, by putting in place concrete initiatives for reconstruction and to ensure businesses were able to resume work.

Over €20 billion was provided to allow families to rebuild their homes, companies to defer tax payments, and local authorities to suspend  loan payment instalments. Today, it returns to this job to encourage and disseminate information on seismic damage prevention and promote the structural improvement of private and public buildings in line with the most advanced safety standards.