First ESG Master with the Bologna Business School comes to a close

First ESG Master with the Bologna Business School comes to a close

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group’s first ESG Master course, run in partnership with the Bologna Business School, was brought to a close on 14 March with a Celebration Day event held in Rome at Binario F, a leading innovation and co-working space for students and business people in the capital.

The Master’s course, led by Matteo Mura, Director of the BBS Centre for Sustainability and Climate Change, delivered over 100 hours of training on sustainability, social and governance issues to 40 men and women from CDP and select investee companies. The course work culminated with the development and presentation by the participants of ten projects aimed at identifying new proposals and solutions to address the challenges of sustainability in practice.

“ESG skills guide our strategy, which aims to deliver positive impacts for the country. Sustainability cuts across all sectors and it is important to build a common language. What is fundamental is to anticipate and adapt to the dynamism of a labour market in constant transformation,” said CDP Chief Executive Officer Dario Scannapieco at the closing event.

Guest of honour Alec Ross, Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the Bologna Business School and a leading expert on innovation matters, delivered a keynote address on the mega-trends of the future. He stressed how, “A lifelong learning approach combined with new technologies and artificial intelligence, along with human qualities such as creative thinking, flexibility and critical analysis will be the foundations for our future. Turning ESG criteria into reality means finding a balance in an unbalanced world and moving towards the new paradigm of stakeholder capitalism.”

The CDP Group will continue to pursue its commitment to developing ESG skills in the upcoming months with a new round of the Master's course, open to all the major companies in the Group and the CDP Academy and to the broader ESG Community.