Fintecna (CDP Group): the Deus ex Machina of Sinisgalli

Fintecna (CDP Group): the Deus ex Machina of Sinisgalli

Exhibition on artist's work that investigated the relationship between art and industry inaugurated at
Fintecna’s Auditorium on Via Veneto

Rome, 14 September 2016

From September 14 to December 14, the Fintecna Auditorium Via Veneto-Culture Space will host the exhibition Deus Ex Machina, an event dedicated to the celebration of Leonardo Sinisgalli. The project was realized through the collaboration between Leonardo Sinisgalli Foundation, Fintecna S.p.A. and GMGProgettoCultura group. CDP Group intends to promote the value of Italian industrial culture, updating the theme of co-existence among work, art, and community: the vision of sustainable industry, in which artistic beauty can be an added element combined with everyday life.

Engineer, poet, art director, artist, art critic: it is impossible to crystallize the multiplicity of Sinisgalli within a single definition and the exhibition in question is precisely to praise this versatility. In particular, the event celebrates the commitment in the journal "Civilization of Machines," the artist founded for Finmeccanica and, therefore, the magazine covers and 42 blotting papers drawn by Sinisgalli will be on display as part of the show. These are original works created just for the magazine in question, from which fully emerge the creativity of art, the poetry of the sign and the unbridled passion of am extraordinary man.

The aim of the Deus ex Machina exhibition is to demonstrate Sinisgalli’s ability to combine art and science, driven by the conviction that there is a "close inbreeding" and a "spiritual kinship" between the two disciplines.

The union of "two cultures" was the ultimate goal that has motivated Sinisgalli’s thinking.

Open to public:

September 14, 2016: Opening of the exhibition "Deus ex machina - Leonardo Sinisgalli" from 18.00 to 19.30

September 24, 2016: 10.00 to 11.00 (Saturday)

September 27, 2016: 17.00 to 18.00