Fincantieri: new elegant, sustainable ships under construction

Fincantieri: new elegant, sustainable ships under construction

The CDP Group subsidiary began work on the construction of new units for Viking and the Holland America Line, with delivery scheduled for 2021.

Rome April 1, 2019

Viking and Holland America Line: Fincantieri is working on new units for these two brands, in the Ancona and Marghera shipyards – where the cuts of the first plates were made – with delivery scheduled for 2021. The Italian shipbuilding group, an international leader in the shipbuilding industry, is building a ship for Viking that falls into the small unit market segment, with 465 cabins and on board capacity for 930 passengers.

The unit will be equipped with the most modern safety systems and engines that are capable of ensuring energy efficiency, and a reduction in pollution and consumption: the characteristics of all the twenty ships that Fincantieri has built for Viking since 2012, when the shipping company entered the ocean cruise market as a start-up.

Holland America Line, the world’s leading cruise operator, commissioned Fincantieri to build a third “Pinnacle” class ship, after “Koningsdam”, delivered in March 2015 and “Nieuw Statendam”, delivered in November 2018. The unit will be defined by a style that is in line with classic, elegant characteristics, like all the brand’s ships, and will be oriented towards environmental respect and energy efficiency, adhering to the current safety regulations.

Fincantieri, a subsidiary of the CDP Group, thus confirms its role as a leader on the national and international scene, contributing to the spread of Italian know-how in the world.