Fincantieri Launches Icebreaker, Embraces Transparency, Environment

Fincantieri Launches Icebreaker, Embraces Transparency, Environment

Shipbuilder continues its growth path with Norway’s Kronprins Haakon and new legal protocal

Rome March 2, 2017

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri,  has launched the Kronprins Haakon, the oceanographic icebreaker it is building for the Norwegian government.

The 9,000 ton, 100 meter long ship, scheduled for delivery by the end of this year, was put in the water at the Fincantieri Muggiano shipyard  Muggiano, near the northwest Ligurian city of La Spezia.

Kronprins Haakon will be equipped with special noise requirements and be capable of breaking through the ice to allow the study of marine species with minimum impact on the environment.

Environmental sustainability has always been the focus of the activities of the Italian shipbuilding group. In recent days, however, Fincantieri has decided to take a decisive step for transparency. To this end, Fincantieri Chairman Giampiero Massolo and Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti recently signed the Protocollo Quadro Nazionale di Legalità, a legal framework to prevent infiltration attempts by organized crime. The document represents a clear sign the shipbuilding group intends to protect the rule of law in the defense and security of the market, through a series of activities, including national anti-mafia checks.

CDP Group’s Fincantieri, reaffirms its focus on social issues, from environmental sustainability to transparency, from security to defense of the law.