Fincantieri in expansion: innovative agreements and projects in the military and civil sectors

Fincantieri in expansion: innovative agreements and projects in the military and civil sectors

The company controlled by the CDP Group acquires a stake in Isselnord and reaches an important target in terms of environmental sustainability. Work begins on a new Navy unit

Rome, 19 July 2017

Continuing its tradition of innovative engineering solutions, Fincantieri is extending its business on the basis of a series of new agreements. Through its subsidiary Delfi, the Italian engineering company, controlled by the CDP Group, has purchased a stake in Isselnord, an Italian business specializing in engineering activities supporting logistics and related IT technologies. For the moment, the transaction involves a majority stake in the company, leading to a 100% holding over an agreed period.

This purchase will be doubly advantageous for Fincantieri: it will obtain new specialist skills representing an opportunity for professional growth and meeting the new demand in the Naval Services sector; but it will also strengthen commercial relations in the Defence sector beyond the traditional business of Fincantieri, particularly in aerospace, combat and control systems and dedicated software products.

In the last few days, Fincantieri has taken important steps in relation to environmental sustainability. An agreement has been signed with GE Power for the joint development of an innovative emissions control system, to reduce pollution in shipping. The chosen solution is called “Shipboard Pollutant Removal System”, a product that will enable sulphur oxide emissions to be controlled for all units using conventional fuels. Under the agreement, Fincantieri will define the fundamental technical requirements for the new system and GE Power, with over 80 years’ experience in emissions control, will focus on how to obtain optimum performance levels.

This commitment to new business has nonetheless not slowed down the customary activities of Fincantieri: last 12 July the ribbon was cut for the start-up of construction for the new multi-role amphibious unit (Landing Helicopter Dock) to be delivered in 2022 to the Italian Navy, part of an ongoing upgrading of naval equipment. The 200-meter long unit will be able to host over 1000 people and capable of carrying out a variety of civil and military missions. The military profile of the LHD, in particular, will include the transportation and offloading of logistics vehicles and equipment; in the civil sector, the unit will be used for healthcare and hospital support, the supply on land of drinking and running water and the treatment of 700 people. On board, there will be a fully equipped hospital with surgeries, radiology and analysis, a dental surgery and beds for 28 seriously affected patients.

Fincantieri confirms its commitment in the engineering sector and for sustainability. Through the activities of our subsidiary #wepromotethefuture of Italian industry.