Fincantieri at work for the Navy

Fincantieri at work for the Navy

Work began on mega structure which includes a surgical room and reception of intelligence systems

Trieste, 16 February 2016

Officially starts the construction of the first unit scheduled for renewal of the fleet of the Italian Navy. Fincantieri kicked off the first section of the ship that will serve as support to operations at sea: the block is 94 meters long, 24 meters wide, 16.3 meters high and weighs about 4,100 tons.

In the coming months it will be launched and transported by sea to the Muggiano shipyard (La Spezia) where it will be assembled with the stern section - for which the cutting of the first steel tool place on February 9 at the plant in Riva Trigoso (Sestri Levante, Genoa). The LSS is a logistical support unit to the fleet also includes hospital and healthcare capabilities thanks to a fully equipped hospital with operating rooms, radiology and analysis, dental surgery, and hospitalization area with the capacity to receive up to 12 patients in critical condition.

The ship is able to combine transport capacity and transfer liquid cargo (fuel oil, aviation fuel, fresh water) and solids (compared to parts, food and ammunition) to other naval units. It will have the ability to perform at sea repair and maintenance operations of other units. The defense systems are limited to the command and control capabilities in tactical scenarios, communications and defense systems to non-lethal deterrence. The unit is also able to take on more complex defense systems and become a platform for intelligence and electronic warfare systems.