Financial Impact: CDP on the world stage for social housing

The System of Integrated Funds (SIF) best practices of sustainability according J.P. Morgan

What distinguishes an investment with social impact is the ability to simultaneously support development processes, innovation and social inclusion, or to find additional resources to support experimental innovative operations that would not otherwise be funded.

J.P. Morgan recently published the study "Global Impact Investing Network" which analyzes the impact of certain investment programs. Fondazione Housing Sociale prepared the data (a total of resources mobilized amounted to 77.4 billion US dollars), which show that the Sistema Integrato di Fondi (SIF), of which the Investimenti per l’Abitare (FIA) managed by CDP Investimenti Sgr  is a reference investor, ranks third in the world in order of size - after the World Bank. This is a system clearly structured to achieve a measurable social objective (over 20,000 seats and 8,500 social housing beds for students) with a financial return for investors: for Cassa depositi e prestiti (€ 1 billion), the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and other institutions. Fondazione Housing Sociale Managing Director Marco Gerevini presented the results at the Enpam conference in Rome.

Additionally, according to the J.P. Morgan study, investor Impact  sector in Italy is in the initial stage of its development, and in addition to housing  has other high-potential areas: health, disability, social inclusion, family.