FII Tech Growth Fund: 6 million euros for innovation and digital health

FII Tech Growth Fund: 6 million euros for innovation and digital health

Late-stage venture capital fund promoted by CDP enters the share capital of the Healthware Group: 6 million euros to implement innovative solutions for the healthcare sector

Rome February 1, 2019

CDP's continued commitment to innovation: is further confirmed by the latest deal signed by FII Tech Growth, the late-stage venture capital fund managed by the Italian investment fund SGR, which is dedicated to the acquisition of equity investments in small and medium-sized Italian companies of a highly technological nature.

FII Tech Growth enters the share capital of the Healthware Group, a consulting group which works in the implementation of advanced projects for large life science companies, start-ups and insurance companies. The company is based in Salerno and combines marketing, communication and technology skills with consultancy and expertise in product factories to help customers create digital communication solutions for doctors and patients, and hi-tech applications dedicated to diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

FII Tech Growth's investment, amounting to 6 million euros, was brought to fruition through a share capital increase with a minority share subscription alongside the existing shareholders: overall, investment resources for the company's growth will amount to 10 million euros and will be used to implement digital health solutions, digital therapeutics and innovation in health insurance, artificial intelligence and Smart Data in the field of health.

As Cornerstone Investor of FII Tech Growth, CDP continues to be the main promoter of innovative solutions for the Italian production sector and through this further contributes to the country's economic growth.