Falvaterra, the pearl of Ciociaria celebrated by Juvenal

Falvaterra, the pearl of Ciociaria celebrated by Juvenal

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti finances projects in the area

Perched on a rocky spur and overlooking the valley below where the Liri and Sacco rivers meet, Falvaterra is a small town with about 600 inhabitants in the province of Frosinone.

Its history is linked to the famous Colonna family who ruled these lands for a long time, and to the 1556 war between the Pope and the King of Spain. The Spanish army occupied several castles, including Falvaterra, this was the only one that resisted the siege for nine days and was only surrendered when the papal troops were completely defeated. The town' s historic centre is a real gem of stone houses and narrow streets that wind around the 13th century castle. Falvaterra is most famous for its beautiful natural location, which was celebrated by the Latin poet Juvenal in ancient times, and for its famous caves that were declared a Natural Monument by the Lazio Region in 2007.

This is an area of high value for speleology and tourism, with an underground system of karst caves that stretch for more than 5 kilometres, winding through the Monte Lamia hill and featuring a perennial underground river.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has contributed to Falvaterra’s development through major investments in sustainable projects for the village’s tourist and cultural heritage. Starting with the restoration of the caves for the increase in speleotourism, continuing with projects that benefit the whole community such as the construction of the fourth and fifth sections of the cemetery, the development of multifunctional areas such as the restoration of Parco delle Rimembranze and, last but not least, the seismic upgrading of the municipal offices. All these works are in line with our philosophy and mission, which has always seen us working alongside Italian local authorities.

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