Exports and investments: CDP among the “Superheroes”

Exports and investments: CDP among the “Superheroes”

The official invitation says that today and tomorrow the “Superheroes” of corporate finance and banking will be at the TXF- Trade & Export Finance Conference – a hub for global investors involved in manufacturing, services, development and equity.

This morning, after the welcome from Under Secretary for Development Ivan Scalfarotto, the meeting will be officially opened by Sace CEO Alessandro Castellano, who will address government actions to support exports and investments for business growth.

The afternoon will feature speeches by Sace representatives including Vincenzo Pedicini, Head of Reinsurance, Antonella Coppola, Senior Underwriter – Corporate and Investment Finance Division and Giulio Dal Magro, Head of Heavy Industries, Large Business. 

Tomorrow, after the traditional morning jog – to which all conference participants are invited – speakers will include Giorgio Milite, CEO of Ansaldo Energia, and Francesco De Bartolo, CDP’s Head of Export Bank Execution, who will address the implications of lending products for importer companies. Fincantieri will also be represented, with a speech from Cristiano Pasanisi, Vice President – Group Treasury & Corporate Finance.

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