European national promotional institutions to share Brussels headquarters

European national promotional institutions to share Brussels headquarters

Fabio Gallia makes the announcement in Washington  D.C the Italian, French, and German NPIs will create a single headquarters in Brussels

Washington D.C., October 7, 2016

The creation of a joint headquarters in Brussels will strengthen the collaboration between European national promotional institutions (NPIs), said Cassa depositi e prestiti Group Chief Executive Officer Fabio Gallia, speaking at the World Bank. The NPIs have embarked on a new course, he said.

The joint headquarters is the result of a collaboration that has existed for years, due to the fundamental exchange of ideas and information between Italy’s CDP and its counterparts,  CDC (Caisse des depots et Consignations) of France and Germany’s  KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau).

"Among the national promotional banks,” explained Gallia, “there has been intense cooperation for years. With the Germans and the French, with whom we are closest and have a history of cooperation, we decided to go a step further in our relationship by deciding to have a single seat in Brussels, of course each with their own space. I’m convinced that this will result in a further commitment to issues that are increasingly common. "

This is therefore an important step, that marks a new cooperative path between European banks and allows for greater understanding in the realization of joint projects.