Eni, Snam, Fincantieri on Front Line of Clean Energy

Eni, Snam, Fincantieri on Front Line of Clean Energy

CDP Group companies make important deals for environmentally sound projects

Rome May 30, 2017

Agreements by Eni, Snam, and Fincantieri are further evidence of CDP Group’s commitment to creating a greener future by promoting natural gas as Italy’s primary source of energy for cleaner. 

A new partnership between Eni and Snam aims to promote sustainable transportation through the development of methane gas stations in Italy.  The agreement’s objective is to create new compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants within the national network of Eni distributors, favoring the supply of the low-emission fuel.

The project requires a €150 million investment until 2021 to provide up to 300 new CNG distributors to support the development of an efficient network of natural gas retail facilities.

The framework agreement and successive application contracts will improve the transport gas sector, representing world-wide technological and environmental excellence that makes use of  a 32,000-kilometer gas-pipeline network- the longest in Europe.
The commitment to reduce the use of traditional energy sources like petroleum prompted Eni to join forces with Fincantieri, in the field of research and development to carry out feasibility studies on energy projects of natural gas.

The non-binding preliminary agreement covers a wide range of potential collaborations including the study of initiatives on the assessment of the natural gas transmission chain and LNG and initiatives for the exploitation of gas resources. The cooperation also aims to develop projects for floating platforms for offshore production and the evaluation of energy projects with a low environmental impact.

The  goal is to promote an increasingly green and efficient system and build a new energy model for CDP companies, creating sustainable solutions for Italy’s future.