Enhancing human capital to help Italy grow: the CDP Foundation is created

Enhancing human capital to help Italy grow: the CDP Foundation is created

The Foundation will promote initiatives for young people, training, research and sustainability

Taking a long-term view to enhance Italy's great potential, by leveraging the people and dynamism of its regions. The CDP Foundation was created with this aim in mind.

The initiative aims to promote the sustainable development of communities and regions, to ensure a better present and future for the country. There is a particular focus on initiatives that support the younger generations by enhancing human capital.

The CDP Foundation, which is already working on several projects in line with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, will support high social impact initiatives in 4 key areas. These will range from training to social inclusion, covering culture, studies, research, sustainability and emergency support.

The measures will also include projects to combat educational poverty and school drop-out rates, supporting the training of young people, with a high level of specialisation in areas that are most in demand for entry into the labour market.

Together with the country's main cultural institutions, the Foundation will support talented young people, encouraging excellence in Italy's cultural and artistic heritage.

That’s not all: CDP's work will also focus on the Group's archives and real estate assets, spreading an awareness and understanding of the values and places of business culture.

This is a great challenge, which the Foundation will face with a focus on sustainable and responsible development, as well as raising awareness in society with initiatives aimed at supporting the energy transition, the circular economy and combating climate change.

The CDP Foundation is an entity with full autonomy over its governance and actions that can act decisively and effectively to address the major strategic issues that will shape Italy's development.