Energy savings and industry 4.0 for the Romani Group

Energy savings and industry 4.0 for the Romani Group

With CDP, the leading ceramics company from Emilia Romagna has invested in new machinery

One of the main industrial districts of Emilia-Romagna, with a strong focus on export: we’re talking about the tile district of Sassuolo.

The Romani Group was founded in Casalgrande in 1968, and the company has grown since the nineties thanks to a series of strategic acquisitions. Today it is a leader in the production and marketing of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles. In its factories in Olbia, Rubiera and Roteglia, it produces around eight million square metres of tiles per year, 80% of which are sold in France, Germany and the United States.

With a six-year loan from CDP of 6 million euros,  the company has modernised its plants in Emilia Romagna. The new kilns have a lower environmental impact and the automatic industry 4.0 lines will save on packaging, whilst making it more efficient to choose specific sizes. A turbine for electricity generation will help reduce energy consumption.

The Romani Group was awarded by CONAI (National Packaging Consortium) in 2016 for its sustainable treatment of wastewater and its recycling of waste and processing materials.

CDP always stands by the side of Made in Italy companies which - like the Romani Group - are committed to the ecological and digital transition of the manufacturing sector, enabling it to be more resilient and competitive in the long term.