Press release

EMTN: 300 million euro fixed rate notes issue

Rome, 27 June 2011

Cassa depositi e prestiti Spa (CDP) announces today the issuance of 300 million euro fixed rate notes, unsubordinated and unsecured, with final maturity 18 June 2019 and annual coupon equal to 4.75 per cent.

The new EMTN (ISIN code: IT0004738438) were issued under CDP Euro Medium Term Note Programme, listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and addressed to institutional investors. The net proceeds deriving from such issue will support the financing by CDP of infrastructural projects and works for the supply of public services

The Notes were placed through private placement by UBS Limited, acting as dealer of the transaction.

The Notes, which will be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, have been rated Aa2 on watch for a possible downgrade by Moody’s, A+ negative by Standard & Poor’s and AA- stable by Fitch.




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