ELITE Basket Bond: SMEs shine at Borsa Italiana

ELITE Basket Bond: SMEs shine at Borsa Italiana

Event in Piazza Affari for the innovative tool promoted by ELITE, CDP and EIB: with the mini-bonds ten companies are approaching the capital market

Rome January 12, 2018

RDS is among the most followed national radio stations, with 5 million average listeners. Molteni Farmaceutici is one of the centers of excellence in Europe, founded in 1892 in Florence and today is an international model for product and management.

Peuterey is an established brand of Italian fashion, with an important foreign market. What do these three companies have in common? Participation in the ELITE program but, even more so, involvement in the ELITE Basket Bond initiative that allows medium-sized companies to collect alternative funding to help them grown and and push them towards the most competitive markets.

These companies, with other seven - Damiano, Cornaglia, Peuterey, Objectway, Irritec, Mep, and Svas Biosana - were selected by the new instrument launched by ELITE and Banca Finint, presented at Borsa Italiana.

ELITE Basket Bond represents an instrument with high innovative potential that, technically, has seen the issue of mini bonds by the ten ELITE companies with identical characteristics in terms of duration and rate, but with different amounts. The measure is a direct example of alternative financing and will support business growth and cultural change, bringing entrepreneurs closer to the stock market.

CDP Chief Executive Officer Fabio Gallia underlined the importance of spreading alternative financing as a tool to support companies in their journey of growth. CDP is, together with EIB and other institutional investors, one of the subscribers of the €122 million bond placed by the ten companies, all belonging to the ELITE program, the international platform of Borsa Italiana dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential. Among these companies is Damiano, a Sicilian company world leader in the industrial processing of organic almonds; and Svas Biosana, which been operating in the medical device sector since 1972. Common traits: Made in Italy, ready to grow, and spread the Italian know-how throughout the world .