EIB-CDP Co-Financing

EIB-CDP Co-Financing

Agreement between CDP and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the investments and initiatives of Italian companies
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Who’s it for?

Large and medium enterprises with an inclination for innovation or infrastructure development that need to finance research and innovation investment projects.

How does it work?

CDP intervenes by granting loans to companies, in partnership (direct or indirect) with the EIB, typically for up to 50% of the eligible costs of the projects, secured or unsecured medium-long term loans to support important investments in research and innovation or specific Capex plans. CDP’s intervention may also take the form of guarantees.
CDP supports the operations with a dedicated team that analyses the company needs and evaluates /researches the solution that best meets the demands of the company and their different credit needs. 

In order to receive funding, a thorough verification of the eligibility criteria for the investment is required.
The characteristics of the loans granted by CDP, which are flexible depending on the specific business needs, vary depending on the purpose of the investment plan, the rating of the counterparty and the security package.


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